Value propositions

We have highlighted the following service offerings for you

  • Transfer pricing documentation made easy 

    Tiberghien economics and Reptune® have partnered to offer you a transfer pricing documentation platform which is robust and intuitive at the same time. Reptune® contains a highly sophisticated Transfer Pricing Documentation-writer. Read more.

  • R&D tax incentives

    Belgium offers a full range of tax incentives enabling companies to structure their R&D activities, as well as the valorization of the intellectual property (IP) resulting from R&D activities. This comprehensive R&D regime consists of tax deductions on qualifying IP income, deductions on R&D investments and (refundable) tax credits, cash savings from partial exemption from withholding tax for qualified researchers and full tax exemption of R&D subsidies.  Hereafter  focus has been put on the application of the innovation income deduction but we can obviously also assist your company in assessing the feasibility for applying the other R&D tax incentives.

    In line with the OECD’s recommendations of the BEPS action plan, Belgium created this regime to stimulate innovative R&D activities. Enterprises involved in R&D activities may benefit from a tax deduction of up to 85% of the net income generated by IP rights.  We seek to provide high value added services to optimize your position, as well as to assist you in drafting supporting documentation and seeking tax certainty through an advance decision. Read more

    Our service offering: Are you leveraging from the available r&d tax incentives?

  • TP SWOT Review

    Our TP SWOT Review provides management, following a Lean experience-based approach, based on readily available information (information gap analysis being part of our assessment) and limited further fact-finding workshop, a clear view to management on the company’s transfer pricing function and methodologies. Read more

  • Treasury TP Solutions

    Based on our vast experience in transfer pricing for financial transactions we have developed various solutions for managing treasury operations in tax effective manner, including comprehensive treasury policies, subscription-based credit scoring and interest rate analyses, automated cash pooling solutions, etc. Read more

  • Valuation Forecasting Support

    The hardest part in any valuation is the forecasting of future (relevant) cash flows. In particular, in the case of intangibles valuation for transfer pricing purposes, the OECD recently published final guidance on so-called “hard-to-value intangibles” introducing a type of commensurate with income regulation, requiring robust forecasting and business case building, essentially to avoid the tax administration to deploy the benefit of hindsight when not “all foreseeable” events were taken into account. Read more