Seeking and conveying inspiration

Since we have disconnected our competencies from our capabilities we are constantly looking for new means to rearrange our competencies as building blocks for new capabilities, new innovative solutions

We are very eager to find out about new ways of thinking within our field of service lines, but even more outside our current fields of expertise in order to test their usefulness within our expertise domains.


By sharing our experiences and insights and that of others within our communities we hope to also to be able to convey some inspiration.

One of the management books we got inspired by is Blue Ocean Strategy of W. Chan Kim and Renée Maubourgne; Another is The Lean Startup of Eric Ries. Not only we apply these principles in our daily practice to offer you best value in an efficient manner, we firmly believe that our clients could benefit from absorbing a lean approach as well, to build a community that is sufficiently agile to navigate turbulent times.

Our sources of inspiration (newest to oldest, please check frequently):